Our own masterclass

A Day In Dance

insights into remarkable world

Mysteryland event

An event devised by ourselves: masterclasses ‘dance music events,’ organized around leading figures from the event industry, like Sensation and Mysteryland. During the event, we introduce ‘regular’ industries to the unique aspects of the dance music industry. Expect an inspiring program with jaw-dropping content.

Our role

Aftermovie + Catering + Concept + Locatie + Productie + Project Management
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The result

This was the type of project that sprung from a spontaneous idea, without a previously set-out plan. We wanted to show people from other industries how cool ‘our’ dance music industry is. And what better way, than to give them a peak behind the scenes of leading events like Mysteryland? The idea turned out to be successful: many people from all walks of life signed up, and the first editions soon became a reality.
After the first two successful editions, A Day In Dance positioned itself as a ‘cutting-edge inspirational event.’ Employees of the biggest brands in Holland have already signed up – even CEO’s. We’re now focusing on making the content of the program even better, so we can keep standing out from your average training days. Custom made programs for large corporations and more… it’s all possible these days.

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