We created for


a grand opening night

How to create a memorable opening event for Amsterdam’s biggest hostel (staggering 700 beds)? Off course with a great opening party where all the values of the brand are valued. This international operating and fast-growing company gave the challenge to create the event when the building wasn’t even finished. A great challenge for a great team.

Our role

Audio & Video + Concept + Concept voorstel + Decoratie + Entertainment + Inrichting + Productie + Stage Design + Techniek

The result

The challenge of this event wasn’t in the numbers, but in communicating the values and it turned out to be just perfect. Clink is not your average hostel, so no ordinary choices over here. Every aspect had to had this young feeling, this creative spark and on top of this, our Amsterdam Mayor had to love it, and he did.

The night was full of surprises. In every chapter of the event we came up with a ‘let’s do something crazy’ idea. Laboratory cocktails, GIF-booths, cutting edge music and entertainment, that kind of stuff. everything to show that Clink is not the ordinary one, but the Hostel with a Twist one. When the CEO ends up behind the bar, you know it was a good night…