Designing the best


for high level entrepreneurs

When the Business Woman of the Year 2016 is the president of this well-know business club, you know you’ve got to deliver. So we did everything to maximize the budget and came up with a great concept. They didn’t had one event, no, they got three events on one evening. With a travel through three totally different decorated worlds, this was a night so easy to forget.

Our role

Acts + Audio & Video + Concept voorstel + Crew + Decoratie + Entertainment + Inrichting + Locatie + Productie + Stage Design + Techniek
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The result

You know that feeling of being totally overwhelmed? We achieved this by having the guest enter in a raw underground bar vibe, a very small room. Most guests would have thought, is this it? No. When the huge industrial door opened they entered a stunning table setting where they literally dined in a 4-D setting: sound, sight, smell, taste.
After this mesmerizing diner at the end of the long art-installation in which they dined, the curtains slowly opened. A huge heart of light shined hard and the next space was opened: a world full of softness in the middle of a concrete setting. The night was long and warm. And afterwards? Nobody really knew where they had been...

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