We’re proud of

As event organisers we can arrange everything concerning the organisation of an event. The best way to showcase that is through our portfolio.

Our experience has been extremely diverse, so here we like to present to you our finest selection.

Dept Festival

taking the extra step | Festival & Outdoor events


for high level entrepreneurs | Company parties

Justitia Foundation

Regular highlight | Business events

As an event manager, you get to work with the most diverse customers, projects and locations. That’s the beauty of the industry. That’s why we have such a wide variety of cases in our portfolio; no project is like the other. For years, we’ve been festival organizers ourselves, so we understand customers and we know what it’s like to have full responsibility. We understand very clearly where you’re coming from. And thanks to our experience in the ‘corporate events’ industry, we know how to bring these two worlds together.


the ultimate rooftop experience | Business events


for his beautiful incrowd | Company parties


a grand opening night | Company parties

Every job is tailor-made. That’s one thing we’ve learned in the past fifteen years. So we approach every project as a unique chance to leave a lasting impression—however small and simple the event. With our background as independent festival organizers, we’ve built a gigantic network of creatives, technical guru’s handymen and so on. This would make us—to use popular “ management terms” —‘lean’ or ‘agile.’ We prefer the term: efficient.


is a festival highlight | Festival & Outdoor events

Wappie New Year

bombastic start of the year | Concepts

A Day In Dance

insights into remarkable world | Concepts