A Day In Dance


Our train of thought was, if our guests had a lot of new energy & insights after a day, we might have a nice entrance to new clients.

With ADID we had a great concept on our hands. We went backstage at Sensation, Thuishaven and Mysteryland. And immediately had important names from the business events world on the floor. 

The guests appreciated it enormously. The feedback was purely positive and our network and name quickly grew. By working with the platform of the Dutch event industry,, we had a great start as a new agency. But our main goal was to really give that inspiration. Go further, look further, dare more, invest in creativity and above all, let go of the fear of failure. The festival world is a light-year ahead because of this drive for adventure. And this is greatly appreciated by the younger generations worldwide. That stiff corporate party, it’s a thing of the past!


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