From Burning Man to Cirque Fantastique. The bolder, the better. Every year we love to get creative with decoration, entertainment and stage designs. From circus tents to old sheds, and everything in between, we’ve had our fill in recent years.

Of course, there is a lot involved in this type of themed corporate party. First of all, the creative phase. This is where your entire blueprint is determined. Because if it is going to be a futuristic theme, then you immediately know that you have to start allocating more budget to “light. Such a creative phase plays out around the question: what kind of world do we want to create?¬†

A host of new questions arise from this. We have a model for this, so that we can really speak of an integral and effective approach. This works hard, but simplicity is genius, they say ūüėČ

Even without a heavy content theme, you can get started anyway. A sauce, a hook, something you will hang your corporate party on. Maybe the 50th anniversary or something else? 

We are curious about your ideas and book an appointment to brainstorm about that upcoming company party! 


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