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Request: Develop a memorable event concept for Adyen

Adyen’s request was crystal clear: they wanted a concept that would leave a lasting impression from day one. To achieve this, we had to pull out all the stops, starting with a catchy name, out-of-the-box event design and a comprehensive strategy. We were ready to roll up our sleeves and make it happen.

Result: Elevate – a vision brought to life

Creating something completely new from scratch is no small feat, but for us, it was an exciting challenge. With unbridled enthusiasm, we embarked on a journey that would redefine the way Adyen and its customers experience events.

Reveal of Elevate:

Elevate was more than just an event; it was a concept that promised international expansion and was designed to engage companies and influencers within the startup and scale-up ecosystem. Adyen’s vision for Elevate was bold, fresh and daring, and we were determined to make this vision a reality.

A shared dream:

The journey started by involving all stakeholders, from the boardroom to the sales department, with the common goal of nurturing a shared dream. This dream took the form of an event concept that was not only fresh and surprising, but also impeccably executed. Elevate turned out to be everything Adyen envisioned and more, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Setting records:

Elevate was Adyen’s most important internal event to date, and invited external contacts to join in the celebration. The event went beyond traditional networking and created stronger sales relationships, knowledge transfer and new business opportunities. The buzz around Elevate continued long after the event, with participants eagerly talking about the prospect of next year’s meeting. It was clear that a new star had been born, and that it was here to stay.

Join us on a journey:

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