Elevate Digital by Adyen


Because Adyen had too much good content, we decided to make it a two-day event. And not a boring TV studio of course, as befits us and Elevate a super cool custom developed setting, all in the design & core values of Adyen.

With an average of 350 guests on both days, a fully developed live show, a super nice event platform and lots of interaction. 


Surely the challenging thing about online events is the viewer’s tension curve. So you can’t leave much to chance and you have to think about it terribly.

That’s why we engaged in multiple conversations with all the speakers. Of course there is room for spontaneity but we definitely wanted to tell a different story. 


What has been the most important lesson? That a smooth show, in TV style, with dynamic camera work and ditto content, is really crucial. And that this is not an ABC but has to be a conscious investment. If you can get that done, it’s worth every euro 10x. And with Elevate Digital we have a super example to help your event move forward as well. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more. We are happy to take the time for you!


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