The step was a big one. Because going from throwing your own company parties to having an adult events agency do your big Christmas party is like turning on the party switcher ;-).
From our network, we were able to set up a nice partnership with a techno party organizer. The double use of Light & Sound, bars, and facilities like toilets & checkroom, gave a huge budget to the possibilities. This obviously can’t be done every edition only gave the event nice wind in its sails, a big step towards maturity.

Now that we are several collaborations further, you can really see the outlines of a very solid relationship between agency & client emerging. Something we really appreciate, because corporate parties are so important to many organizations, and the better the teams get along, the cooler the results overall.

They can party at Emakina, and their theme parties are quite… lavish! Right up our alley. And we’d love to help you have these great nights too. So don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to explain our way of working!

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