A conference that keeps things on edge in terms of both content and form. A celebration that can safely be called legendary. 

For more than a decade, we have relieved the foundation board in terms of event production. But we have meant more than that. Through our network of builders and producers, we were able to make it possible, without higher budgets, to still bring the event to A-locations. And that goes for all of our vendors.


Who wouldn’t want to party in the main auditorium of Pathe cinema Tuschinski? Also called the most beautiful cinema hall in the world! Well, that’s no ABC. A 36-hour non-stop production right through 2 nights! You have to be a little crazy to pull that off 😉 


This business event is actually also a corporate party. With great catering, cool light shows, A-artists and the coolest event locations in Amsterdam. So we are sincerely very happy with this annual event!

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