Pride Amsterdam


Building the coolest showboats for leading brands and organizations, at one of the coolest events there is… this gets us really hot!

Apart from the fact that organizing a micro-event on a boat is a big job, you are also part of something bigger. This requires precision work, where details and giga impact. 

Our subsidiary company we founded for this purpose,, specializes in the creative process, unburdening the client and building the most beautiful showboats. 

Because every party is different, and wants to portray something different, this process starts 9 months before the parade itself. Because what kind of boat exactly would you want? A party boat or just a boat with a real message. Both provide opportunities. And with many years of experience in this field, we can stimulate and enthuse opdractors to make certain choices. What we then excel at is keeping the budget interesting as well. 

At the end, one thing counts for Pride: spreading the message that everyone is welcome and can be seen. And how much better can that be done with a beautiful holiday? 

Taking part in the Canal Parade is not just something, but a commitment. Even though not everyone can do it, we hope to see you on the dock at the next edition anyway! And if you have other sailing ambitions with your organization, we’d love to hear about it! 


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