We did five sold-out (and legendary) editions of Summer Park. And sometimes you have to stop. Tickets that we sold like hotcakes, guest lists that bulged and parties that exploded in ecstasy. It was all there. But we ourselves felt our mission was complete. The real House feeling was back in Amsterdam. And our organizations GZG and Zomerpark had dedicated ten years to this. Time to do something new!

Sometimes a shame, because who stops extremely successful events? We did. In hindsight, we made the right choice because with Dutch standard we got exactly what we were looking for: cool & diverse clients, resources to run serious projects and lots and lots of creative challenges and fun. 

Festival production, however, is a different ball game. Especially if you do everything in-house like we did. So we take all this knowledge of Technology, AV, Catering and Creativity as a package deal within the projects at Dutch Standard. Sometimes a less process-oriented approach, but believe us, the most successful festivals in the world thrive in a little creative chaos: no pressure, no diamonds baby!


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