Connection, sensation and acceleration, the impact of a successful event is unparalleled.

We are Dutch Standard, an ambitious event agency that operates at the intersection of creation and production. With roots in the dance and festival world, our skilled team of creators and thinkers builds a total experience that your guests won't forget.

We are Dutch Standard

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Your vision, your culture, your stamp. Event organization is an art, and that art is one of full immersion. Our events are therefore always an extension of your brand, a fully customized world in which guests are stimulated, moved and inspired. Together, we create an unforgettable experience that is inseparable from your business. 


We are a creative agency with international ambitions and like to push the boundaries. We do so in a personal, purposeful and imaginative way. We understand that an investment in experience is the key to lasting connection. So we always go the extra mile to blow your guests away. We operate within the margins of your budget, but off the beaten path. So you always get bang for your buck.

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we do

We are a full-service creative event agency. A mouthful, which is why we prefer to say: we build memories. That starts with developing a creative concept that seamlessly connects to your vision and goals. Because let’s be clear: the result is leading. We work out the concept down to the smallest details, whether it is an intimate company party, a formal conference or a complete corporate festival. 


For us, creativity goes hand-in-hand with a pragmatic approach; after all, you can only think in terms of solutions when you know all the practical challenges. We map out your wishes with a big kick-off and then get off to a flying start. We are always looking for maximum impact, that refined balance between message and experience, the ultimate next level experience. Are you ready to push boundaries?


If you can dream it, we can build it – that is the motto from which we operate. We know the landscape, understand the nuances and have a nice and diverse network from our festival past. That means you’ll rarely encounter any surprises (unless we’ve directed them ourselves). 


From start to finish, from concept to execution, your vision and goals are our focus. Because in the end, one thing is most important: that everyone feels inspired and positively charged.

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