Dept Weekender


From 1000 to 2500 guests, from one tent to a mature festival site on a completely rented vacation park. The growth of both Dept and this event has been spectacular.
However, it is no piece of cake. Complex production sheets, an army of Senior producers and thousands of hours of pre-work. Success does not come easy. This event is absolutely teamwork where both agency and client have to work well together. Weekly meetings, Slack channels for daily communication and our top-notch internal processes are rock solid.

Budget is at the heart of this process, because with projects like this, financial control is the measuring stick by which you must measure all big choices. Small change often has big impact, and with our decades of combined festival experience, you can trust us with this!
We understand that you are now thinking: this is cool, can we do this too? Sure. It is less complicated than it looks and we are here to make sure your corporate festival runs smoothly. You the pleasure, we a fat job!


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