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Dutch Standard is your partner if you are in search for an event agency who knows how to handle business events of scale. So, imagine your business event. It is a unique event in which your visitors are amazed, inspired and moved by what they have learned, engaged with and experienced on this moment in time. Your event is simply put, unique. But… Being remembered isn’t hard. Being remembered as the brand, employer, company or partner who is there for them. Who makes a difference in a time when real attention matters. Who seeks for boundaries and pushes them. Inspires and stays ahead of the game. That is the challenge and that is what event agency Dutch Standard helps you to accomplish.

As a solid and experienced team, we create and produce the most extraordinary business events for companies and organizations who want to shape the future. Who are making the difference and who are not afraid to take it to the next level. Discover our portfolio of cases, see for yourself what we are able to accomplish, or get in touch with our event planners to see how we can take your idea and make it skyrocket. Get in touch



Experience is top priority

Your business events should be giving attendees a positive remembrance about your brand. Our team of event planners are here to help build relationships, empower your brand, and keep you top-of-mind. Your guests are our number one focus. This is why their experience is given top priority. After all, when all the peripheral elements are right, your guests can fully focus on what really matters: your business and the challenges you help them overcome.

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How we work

Crafting Events with Purpose:
Our approach revolves around setting clear goals for your business event. We understand that these goals shape the entire event. From achieving desired outcomes to making smart choices, we work backwards, starting with what we want to achieve. This way, we create business events that flow smoothly and make the impact we aimed for.

Balancing Business and Fun:
Is the business event more about business or having a good time? We find the right balance between having interesting content and making the event enjoyable. Every event needs a mix of useful information and entertainment. We value the time of both participants and guests, so we make sure the event is worth everyone’s while.

Events That Keep Giving:
We go beyond just the event day. Our approach involves helping you creating valuable content like blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and guides. This valuable content can be shared in different ways, during and after the event. This way, your event keeps giving even after it’s finished, turning it into a valuable source of content that continues to benefit your business.


Our event approach is all about setting clear goals that guide the entire process, ensuring impactful experiences. Balancing business insights with enjoyable elements, our events deliver both informative content and entertainment, valuing everyone’s time. Going further, we transform your events into ongoing content sources, maximizing their value long after they end. Get in touch with our team of event planners to get more information about what the cost and production time of your business event could be.


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