Business Festivals

The magical feeling of a festival day; the anticipation, the freedom and endless afterglow.

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That same feeling, but surrounded by your best colleagues and reinforced with a special and inspiring program. A business festival captures your corporate culture in the ultimate festive experience. We have been building our expertise since 2007, then for masses of revelers, now for companies and organizations. In 2019, our work was even awarded a Golden Giraffe in the Best Brand Event category, and we are quite a bit proud of that.

The concept festival for companies has grown in recent years into a truly independent market, no one can really ignore that anymore. Thanks to our experience in the field and a great network of partners we blindly rely on, there is really no challenge we shy away from. So the philosophy is simple; if you can dream it, we can build it.

Stunningly Unique

From small-scale boutique festivals with a hundred or so guests to multi-day productions for thousands of visitors. We have produced and managed multiple award winning business festival concepts. Yet every time the result is stunningly unique. This is what makes business festivals such an awesome challenge.


A sizzling party with content, that is what we excel at. The kick you get from the sense of belonging and that positively charged space is exactly why we do what we do. If we also manage to touch your guests with the right, powerful message, we look back at it with a big smile. 


From concept to programming and from location to decor, we take care of the hassle. Are you looking for inspiring speakers, or prefer to put the emphasis on music? We help you make a dreamworld become reality. Our team can start from a blank idea and bombard the concept from all sides with crazy/sober/wild/bombastic/rare angles. Or finetune your briefing and add the flavors you need to make your business event stand out and be unforgettable. Let’s get this party going!

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Hybride is een fantastisch woord, wat iedereen anders uitlegt en voor Covid iets totaals anders was als nu.

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Embracing the Festival Mindset:
Curated Freedom: Exploration, Surprises, and Diverse Experiences. We adopt a festival-inspired mindset, allowing guests to curate their own experiences, explore new horizons, and enjoy an array of surprises. Our business events offer a tapestry of diverse options, catering to various preferences of your guests.


Innovation as the North Star:
Pioneering Spirit: Guided by Innovation in Every Decision. Innovation is our guiding principle. Just like festivals, we relentlessly pursue novel concepts, embracing the unknown and stepping out of comfort zones. Excitement thrives in the uncharted.
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The Art of Balance:
Harmony in Diversity: Merging Business, Pleasure, and Interaction. Balance prevails. We expertly blend business and enjoyment, substance and fun. Our events celebrate the equilibrium between active engagement and passive enjoyment. Even the menu’s and culinary delights are connected and made in balance with your festival concept.


We infuse events with a festival mindset, giving attendees freedom and surprises. Innovation guides us like a North Star, pushing boundaries. In all, we masterfully balance business and enjoyment. Experience this unique approach with us! Receive a proposal or send us your request.


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