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Atmosphere, spectacle and a lot of beautiful memories, that’s how we build teams and create tribes. Whether you choose a formal dinner, a fun activity or prefer to dance late into the night on a roof terrace. Our team of event planners will surprise your guests with creative acts, a unique program and amazing surprises for memories that will last a lifetime. The event organizers of Dutch Standard event agency Amsterdam organize company parties like no other.

The Perfect Setting

Employee Party
Celebrating Your Team’s Triumphs

At Dutch Standard, we understand that an employee party is a tribute to your most valuable asset – your team. Our aim is to create moments of shared joy that transcend the everyday work environment. Whether it’s a formal dinner, a team-building activity, or a night of dancing under the stars on a rooftop terrace, we have the creativity to surprise your guests with captivating acts, a unique program, and unforgettable surprises. Our dedicated event planners specialize in crafting employee parties like no other. We don’t just throw events; we create experiences that become cherished memories. Join us in celebrating the success of your team with an employee party that’s truly exceptional.
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Christmas Party
Unwrap the Magic of the Season

As the holiday season approaches, there’s no better time to host a Christmas party that spreads joy and builds lasting bonds. At Dutch Standard, we’re experts at setting the stage for a festive celebration. From the enchanting ambiance to the delectable food, from the seamless tech setup to the entertaining activities – we handle it all, so you can focus entirely on your guests. Our network of local venues and artists ensures that your Christmas party is an unforgettable experience. We believe in creating moments that will be cherished by your team, filling the air with stories of a magical night.
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End of Year Party
Wrapping Up the Year in Style

The end of the year deserves a grand celebration, a chance for your team to let loose, reflect on their achievements, and look ahead to the future. At Dutch Standard, we’re here to perfect your end-of-year party. Our team of event planners and creative partners ensure that your party is a night to remember. We blend entertainment, tech, and delectable cuisine seamlessly, creating an atmosphere that lets you focus on your people and their shared experiences. The memories crafted during this event become a part of your company culture, to be cherished and retold for years to come.
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Company Jubilee
Commemorating Milestones with Grandeur

Milestones are a testament to your company’s journey, and a jubilee celebration is the perfect way to honour these moments. Dutch Standard specializes in planning jubilee events that commemorate the significant achievements of your company. Our team’s professional approach ensures that your jubilee is a unique concept tailored to the occasion. We emphasize what’s important to you and your company, allowing the event to flow seamlessly and highlight its significance. Your jubilee will be a symbol of your company’s achievements and a tribute to the people who made it possible.
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Hybride is een fantastisch woord, wat iedereen anders uitlegt en voor Covid iets totaals anders was als nu.

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Crafting Unforgettable Celebrations:
With a track record of 300+ unforgettable and award-winning parties, we know the essence of a successful company party. Our expertise lies in blending the right elements at the right time, ensuring your company event shines like no other. We’re the experts in understanding the technicalities that make your company party unforgettable.


Tailoring for Your Audience:
Knowing your guests is key. We consider their familiarity, traditions, and diverse backgrounds – whether national or international, young or old. Our insights drive us to customize your event perfectly.


Extending the Party Experience:
Your company party starts early through our campaign-like approach, sparking excitement with teasers and pre-parties. Long after the event, you can keep the celebration alive by sharing professional photo’s, video’s and other content.


Ready to create your company party? Reach out to our professional team of event planners and event organizers. Let’s collaborate to design your remarkable event that resonates and endures.

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