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Client Request: A Leap to the Next Level

Emakina’s challenge was clear: they wanted to elevate their employee parties and create unforgettable moments for their team. The task at hand was no small feat, but Dutch Standard Events were up for the challenge.

Result: A Transformation Beyond Expectations

The transformation from typical in-house canteen parties to professionally curated corporate employee events was akin to trading an intimate birthday gathering for a full-blown festival. Dutch Standard Events, drawing upon its vast network and expertise, worked its magic to make this transition seamless.

Collaboration with a Techno Party Organizer:

Dutch Standard Events leveraged its extensive network to forge a remarkable partnership with a renowned techno party organizer. This collaboration opened doors to a world of possibilities, allowing for the creative use of light, sound, bars, and essential facilities like restrooms and checkrooms. It was a game-changer, providing Emakina with a budget that breathed life into their wildest party aspirations. While this level of extravagance might not be sustainable for every employee event, it injected a renewed energy into Emakina’s celebrations, propelling them into a new era of maturity.

Strengthening the Agency-Client Bond:

As the partnership evolved through several successful collaborations, a deep and solid relationship between us and Emakina began to take shape. The importance of corporate employee parties for organizations cannot be overstated, and the success of these employee events is often tied to the rapport between the event agency and the client. The mutual respect and understanding that blossomed between us were instrumental in creating even more remarkable and unforgettable corporate employee parties.

Emakina’s Extravagant Theme Parties:

Emakina’s corporate employee parties are a testament to their creativity and innovative spirit. Dutch Standard Events found a kindred spirit in Emakina, as we both share a passion for lavish, out-of-the-box theme parties. The partnership became a perfect union, with Dutch Standard Events crafting extraordinary experiences that perfectly aligned with Emakina’s vision.


Our partnership stands as a shining example of how a shared commitment to creativity and innovation can elevate corporate employee parties to an entirely new level. The result is a series of extravagant, unforgettable events that are the talk of the town. If you’re looking to take your corporate employee parties to the next level and infuse them with a touch of creativity and extravagance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Dutch Standard Events is more than happy to share our approach and help you create incredible nights that your team will never forget. Get in touch, download our brochure, or call us we look forward hearing from you.


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